Christmas Declaration

We, the citizens of the world, loyal to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, have come together here in Austria to proclaim the following:

  1. That each human life is sacred, invaluable and should both respected and honored
  1. Our children are our most valuable treasure, and their childhood and future should be protected by providing safe haven, education, arts and other resources to guarantee they will flourish in any endeavor they may choose
  1. Our children are also our future, and must be cherished and protected.  They should not be used as battlefield objects for cultural warfare.
  1. We need to protect the most vulnerable in our society by supporting wellness and respecting human dignity.
  1. Public debate is profoundly important. It is unacceptable for public health professionals, officials or governments to censor, silence or intimidate the public, doctors, medical professionals or journalists.
  1. Trust cannot be enforced. Public health recommendations should present facts as the basis for guidance, and never employ fear or shame to manipulate or force people.
  1. Trust in public health must earned not assumed.  Integrity and transparency are essential.
  1. Freedom of assembly and speech are fundamental human rights.  Disrespecting these rights is an affront to human dignity.
  1. Use of psychological operations and mandate strategies and tactics to coerce and compel acceptance of medical products and procedures is a fundamental breach of well-established medical ethics.
  1. Our bodies, our families, our choice. No medical mandates.

During this season of hope and renewal, we stand here in support of good will, family and  shared community.  We are all connected with these universal truths; the importance of human dignity, integrity, personal sovereignty, and the fundamental rights to assemble, speak freely, and to protect future generations.